Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1. Laptop Bag.
P-It has a unique pocket for the laptop. The colors are black and green. Carry it everyday to school.
I-It has 2 straps which will help me to carry it easies as the weight is distributed.
E- It was given to me by my mother.
2. Something given to me by someone older.(Towel)
P- My aunt gave it to me. it looks quite crappy but it is just used to wipe my body so I don't care.
I- It is specially designed to absorb a lot of water
E- It does not have any emotional meaning to me.
3. Taking an MRT ride.
P- It is always very packed and it is very hard to find a seat.
E- I feel very uncomfortable when people stand close to me and it is very hot although there is air-corn.
S- When i see an elderly or pregnant woman, i would give up my seat to them.
4.Watching a documentary/movie.(Mr Bean's holiday)
P- I watch it at the theatre near my house.
E- It is very funny and yet keeps you in suspense at some part of the show.
S- Its a comedy.

sunday, january 24, 2010

Conserving water resources.

Conserving Water Resources
1. We can drink recycled water.
2. We can take a shower instead of a bath.
3. We can use the water used to wash the car to water the plants.
4. We can have campaigns to save water.
5. We can ration our water on a daily basis.

sunday, january 17, 2010

It is the making of something creative. It helps us to become more innovative. I would like to learn how to draw a model of a dream robot. Without admt, the world would be plain and boring. It would have no colors and there would be no creativity in the world.

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