Monday, June 28, 2010

elderly Challenge Observation 3

This picture shows an old lady coming back from the market with things in her trolley. Earlier on, after about 5 mins of observation, i saw her chatting very cheerfully to her friends.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elderly Challenge Observation 2

This sign can help direct people, especially the elderly. These signs can help the old people know where to go as stated on the sign are important landmarks.

This lift in a library has a wheelchair sign on it stating that the wheelchair is mainly to be of use for only people wheelchair bound. It is important that we raise awareness on the difficulties of people in wheelchairs and the elderly. We must let the public be aware of what is going on with the elderly and the wheelchair bound.

Elderly Challenge Observation 1

This is an example of a wheelchair unfriendly place. This stair can cause harm and inconvenience to the elderly and it can also cause people to trip if they are unaware.
This is a ramp specially built for the wheelchair bound elderly to aid them in ascending up to a higher level.

Holiday work-Part 1: Understanding the'The Elderly Challenge'

1a)The first key recommendation of the report concerns the housing of the elderly. The house for the selected elderly person must suit his/her lifestyle and needs and must meet their requirement to make it convenient for them to move around the house.

1b)The second key recommendation of the report concerns the elderly's accessibility around their neighborhood and beyond. The public buses and other public transports are meant to aid the elderly when moving outside of their homes. The public places can also install lifts to make the lives of the elderly more convenient.

1c) The third key recommendation of the report concerns the community around the elderly. As elderly people tend to be bored and have nothing to do, the CAI intends to create an environment that will let the elderly be involved with community programs like those organized in community centers.

1d)The fourth key recommendation of the report concerns the medical care of the elderly. Medical care in hospitals these days tend to be to expensive for the elderly and because of that, they tend to ignore their medical problems and put off the visits to hospitals. So the CAI aims to make medical care affordable to the elderly.

2)The CAI are recommending by making the environment barrier free, example, providing lifts and making the area step-free and making buses wheelchair accessible by having a small moving platform.

3a) Firstly is the environment around them. We must create an environment where there are medical aid for the elderly, especially places which are heavily populated by the elderly(e.g. Whampoa, Clementi,Jurong) Healthcare must be always accessible around the clock 24/7 for the elderly.

3b)Secondly is the cost of medical care in hospitals. Some elderly have used up all of their CPF on medical care that they can no longer seek hospitals for medical care. I think that the government should be aware of such concerns of the elderly population and have more benefits for them to see doctors.

4) Firstly what i need to do is to have a compassionate heart, and when seeing the elderly in trouble, to help them however possible. Secondly, we must go out of our comfort zone to help them. When in the public bus or train, we can offer our sits to them. Thirdly, we must not see them as an inferior group of people.

This way,we can all live in an environment that work hand in hand to help each other in times of need!