Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bad Design of the BlackBerry Storm

According to some users, the BlackBerry Storm has a very unresponsive touchscreen. In order For a touchscreen phone to be successful, the user must constantly feel that he is in control. When the BlackBerry Storm was first released, there was a lot of buzz surrounding it. But when the users stated using, they found out that the device was very 'laggy.' I think the maker should provide an extra keypad where if the user find the touchscreen laggy, they could use the keypad.


Monday, February 22, 2010

The problem with this wii remote is its glossy texture. For those with sweaty hand, the remote can be very slippery. It is because of this problem that the wii company provided grippy latex shells to wii owners free of charge.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1. Laptop Bag.
P-It has a unique pocket for the laptop. The colors are black and green. Carry it everyday to school.
I-It has 2 straps which will help me to carry it easies as the weight is distributed.
E- It was given to me by my mother.
2. Something given to me by someone older.(Towel)
P- My aunt gave it to me. it looks quite crappy but it is just used to wipe my body so I don't care.
I- It is specially designed to absorb a lot of water
E- It does not have any emotional meaning to me.
3. Taking an MRT ride.
P- It is always very packed and it is very hard to find a seat.
E- I feel very uncomfortable when people stand close to me and it is very hot although there is air-corn.
S- When i see an elderly or pregnant woman, i would give up my seat to them.
4.Watching a documentary/movie.(Mr Bean's holiday)
P- I watch it at the theatre near my house.
E- It is very funny and yet keeps you in suspense at some part of the show.
S- Its a comedy.

sunday, january 24, 2010

Conserving water resources.

Conserving Water Resources
1. We can drink recycled water.
2. We can take a shower instead of a bath.
3. We can use the water used to wash the car to water the plants.
4. We can have campaigns to save water.
5. We can ration our water on a daily basis.

sunday, january 17, 2010

It is the making of something creative. It helps us to become more innovative. I would like to learn how to draw a model of a dream robot. Without admt, the world would be plain and boring. It would have no colors and there would be no creativity in the world.